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The Real Reason Why This Cat Stands On Its Legs With Paws Up

7 months ago, we wrote a story about Keys, this charming cat with an unusual habit of putting her front paws in the air. But what’s the real story here? Why does this cat stand with its paws up?

We can’t explain for her strange behavior then, nobody can. However the internet is full of imaginative people. All it took was a Photoshop battle for people to decide what’s wrong with this cat. Whatever she is doing, we still love it.

Scroll down to enjoy the real reason behind her unusual behavior. Photoshop and post your version below!

#1 Saving Lives

#2 Me, Me, Please Ask Me!!!

#3 King Of The World

#4 We Have A Winner And It’s Goalkitty

#5 Goalkitty Loves Roller Coasters

#6 Meanwhile At Whiskas

#7 Bump, Set…cat!

#8 Dj Purrfect

#9 Rio 2016!!

#10 Tickle Tickle Tickle!

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