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The Lively Life Of Pip The Beach Cat At The Ocean City

The Ocean City of Maryland has welcomed the presence of a special furry citizen been there to lift the spirit in his community. Let’s meet Pip, the beach cat.

Pip was rescued by Emily Meadow after being left alone and wounded in a thunderstorm. When brought the kitten to the crowd, Meadow never knew Pip would become a local celebrity.

While the offseason means quiet beach days for locals and their dogs, Pip might make you do a double-take. Not only does he love to dig holes, chase seagulls, he also strolls down to visit people in need of his adorableness.

Pip’s will for the sea seems endless. You can find Pip playing on the sand, jumping, chasing leaves, swimming, even surfing on boogie board.

At first, Pip’s rescuer didn’t intend to keep him, but she fell in love and decided to be his forever mom. That was when she found Pip’s unique personality.

Meadow admitted that Pip has so much energy, unlike any ordinary cat. While other felines find their comfort zone on a couch, Pip doesn’t seem to enjoy napping along the day. He’d rather be out for his adventures.

Pip’s mom wants to contribute his popularity to community projects such as helping underserved kids, spending time with seniors, and keeping people company. In the near future, we will be seeing Pip releasing his children’s book.

Pip also got his summer job modeling at a gallery for 2019 for Joe, his huge fan. If you meet Pip at the Ocean City, you know that it’s your chance to take a photo with a celeb.

If you like Pip, don’t forget to follow his Instagram or Facebook and share his story with your friends and family members!

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