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Terrified Rabbit Clings To His Favorite Teddy Bear For Comfort After Being Abandoned By His Family

This sweet rabbit was abandoned inside a box by his family and dumped by the side of a road in London last week. Thankfully, a kind member of the public spotted the box and saved the poor rabbit. Nobody could imagine how stunned the kind person was when he discovered a rabbit hopping around inside the box, holding a teddy bear.

Shocked that someone could abandon such a sweet rabbit all alone in very cold conditions, the Good Samaritan brought him home and contacted the RSPCA for help. However, the rabbit didn’t have to go to his unfamiliar new home alone. He was accompanied by his favorite teddy bear.

When Lisa Miller, an animal collection officer with the RSPCA, got the call about the poor rabbit, she drove out to the home to pick him up. Nigel was quickly checked out by a vet, and luckily, the rabbit was in good condition with no injuries or health concerns. The lop eared rabbit was named Nigel by RSPCA staff, and now is being cared for by an animal boarding facility in Kent.

“This poor rabbit had been abandoned in a box in very cold conditions but luckily a kind member of the public spotted him and contacted us,” Lisa Miller said.

“He looked so sweet hopping around carrying his little teddy bear,” Miller said in a press release. “He’s clearly quite attached to the bear, so he must have been living in a home before this.”

He was scared and confused after being abandoned by his family — but luckily, his teddy bear has helped him stay calm and adapt to his new temporary home. The teddy bear is essentially a security blanket for him, so whenever he’s near it, he feels a little more at ease.

“No pet should be left out in the cold and vulnerable like this,” Miller said. “Nigel was very lucky that he was found when he was.”

After everything he’s been through, Nigel deserves to be happy. The rescuers are glad he has his teddy bear to comfort him. He’ll stay at the boarding facility until he is ready to move into his forever family. And of course, his beloved teddy bear will be going with him.

Nigel the rabbit has stolen hearts everywhere after his pictures were shared on social media.

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