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Tabby Cat Guards His Baby Brother and Becomes His Cuddle Buddy for Life

When the little baby boy found his furry best friend, he hugged and held onto him so dearly that nothing else mattered to him in this world.

He has his best friend by his side. That little smile on his face is priceless.

Dallas E. and his family adopted Puma the cat almost 10 years ago. This big tabby was twice the size as Ace the baby, when he joined the family.

Ace adores his feline big brother and Puma loves him the same and lets him snuggle up to him whenever he needs a cuddle.

Before Ace was born, Puma liked to nap on his very own couch by his humans’ bed…

Now he naps with his baby brother and is his bodyguard for life!

Ace has caught up in size, and their love has also multiplied.

Best of friends!

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