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Suspicious Looking Egg Inspires A Ridiculous Photoshop Battle

Photoshop Battles come back again! Welcome to the internet where everything and weirdness combine together in awesome photoshop battles. This time it’s the turn of a white cat and an orange to be the subject of some creative editing. It all began when someone posted a photo of a fried egg.

Photoshop Battles (PSBattle) never ceases to delight us with the hilarious creations rendered by skilled participants. Check out some of our favorite Battle images below and SHARE with your friends and your family! Scroll down to see these hilarious pictures here!

#1 This Was A Bad Idea Honey

#2 Soft Cat By Dali

#3 Saltbae !

#4 Nothing Like A Fry Up

#5 Dreams Are Made Of

#6 Hurricane Cat-Trina

#7 Happy Meal

#8 Solar System

#9 A Stanley Mewbrick Film

#10 Sunny Side Up

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