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Stray Tiny Kitten Follows Man Home And Begs Him To Adopt It

Cats are smart and mischievous creatures – especially stray cats, who need to use their intelligence in a very useful way to survive in the streets. So it is not surprising that they are able to find kind-hearted people who are willing to adopt them and give them forever homes.

That’s what happened to a stray tiny kitten from a slum in Kenya who was saved and adopted by an American man. The man was working at a non-profit organization for children in Kenya.

One day, the man was on his way home when the cute ginger kitten suddenly appeared. It seemed like the little ginger kitten knew he was a good man. The stray tiny kitten followed the guy home and convinced him to be his forever friend.

It was clear that the kitten was in need of a home, so the man decided to give it a second chance at life. The man gave the kitty some food and he decided to stay and immediately took over his human’s bed. This smart kitty used his cuteness and intelligence to beg the man to adopt him.

“His name is Nala. For the first couple months I thought he was a girl.”

The kitten started living an indoor life. Every day he laid down on his human’s laptop when he tried to work. He just wanted to get his human’s attention all the time.

It’s been more than four years since Nala found his forever human. He is now grown into a handsome ginger boy! After that, Nala made a big adventure from Kenya to America and moved into his forever loving home. Nala is now living his best life with the man who saved him.

You don’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you, and if that happens it will surely change your life forever!

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