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Stray Tiny Kitten Follows Man Home And Becomes His Best Friend

One Sunday morning, Jo was walking his dog outside when he saw a little kitten wandering the streets all alone. At that moment, his dad instincts immediately kicked in. He knew he had to do something to help the poor kitten. Jo took the kitten home and named him Leo.

“I knew if I didn’t do anything, he was gonna die,” Jo said. “When I found him, he barely fit on the palm of my hand. He was so tiny. I went straight to the pet store. I ended up walking away with, like, 300, 500 dollars’ worth of stuff.”

Jo asked everyone and discovered that Leo was 2 weeks old and came from a bunch of stray cats in his neighborhood. The kitten was the runt of the litter and was left behind. When Jo found him, he was completely happy and wasn’t scared at all. Leo seemed to realize that he was safe and loved.

“He was so interested in everything. He was so curious about everything. He was hungry all the time! I tried to schedule it with my meals. We’d have breakfast together. We’d have lunch together. We did everything together.”

Jo doesn’t want to leave Leo alone, so he takes him anywhere he goes. “He is a big boy, but he still acts like a kitten. He is so cute. Leo is really affectionate. He’s really adventurous, and he has a super bubby personality.”

Watch the video below to know how Leo changed Jo’s life:

Tiny Stray Kitten Follows Guy Home And Never Leaves

Tiny stray kitten follows guy home and becomes his gym buddy ❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Jo found Leo at a really stressful moment in his life, so the cat became his best friend who was there for him and did not leave his side. Leo really changed Jo’s life.

If you love Jo and Leo, you can follow them on Instagram and TikTok to see more their pics and videos!

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