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Stray Mama Cat Takes Care Of Her Babies And Another Set Of Kittens

Do you think that a cat will raise kittens that aren’t her own? And the answer is yes. Although cats carry a reputation for being solitary animals, this isn’t always the case. In fact, mama cats can easily care for little ones who aren’t related to her. In many cases, a mother cat will accept orphaned kittens quickly and raise them as her own. Some conscientious mamas even nurse their own kittens and another cats’ kittens at the same time.

As animal lovers, we can’t stand seeing animals in pain. Our hearts break for animals who are abandoned and are not cared by their mothers. But besides sad and heartbreaking stories, there are many happy stories about animals who are lucky enough to find love and care from their angels.

When a stray cat started wandering around a pet supply shop, the staff noticed that she looked to be a nursing mother as she had a plump physical appearance. They decided to follow her and found a very big surprise! Not only was this mama cat caring for own babies, but she’d taken in another litter as if they were her babies. When she knew that some babies needed her love, she immediately stepped in to help them.

Watch all the brothers and sisters getting along together in the video below:

Nobody knows how this mama cat came to be with these kittens, but one thing is for sure from the video, the good mother has so much love to give and she has no problems sharing her love with all of her babies. It’s so sweet and touching!

No doubt you’ve heard stories of a mother cat nursing orphaned babies, ranging from other kittens to squirrels and even puppies. Also, mother cats surprise all of us with their incredible abilities to nurse and care for their babies. And regardless of what happened to the other litter of kittens’ mama, they are doing just fine where they are now. After all, a mother’s love is something that can never be broken and knows no boundaries.

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Source: Iheartcats

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