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Stray Kitten Crashes Reporter’s Live Shot And Begs To Be Adopted

WXYZ reporter Nima Shaffe was doing a live shot, when a tiny stray kitten decided to crash the show. The kitten meowed during the whole newscast until she got the attention of everyone in the crew.

“He’s going to be our new mascot,” the reporter Shaffe said before realizing the kitten was a female. “He greeted photojournalist Andy Zaremba and I here in the parking lot and he’s been pretty vocal. He tried to take over my time and he’s been hanging out underneath our truck here and so we’ve taken him under our wing.”

The crew named the kitten Lucky 7 and gave her some cuddles and hugs. The reporter Shaffe even picked her up to include her in his stand-up, letting her bask in the spotlight.

“We’ve just been hanging out and he’s kind of taken off,” said the reporter. “He’s kind of a big hit on social media this morning. We’ve got alley cats that watch us and house cats that watch us, and now we have parking lot cats. I had to talk the sheriff out of ticketing him. The charge would have been loitering.”

After stealing the show, she quickly became quite a hit on social media. Humane Society of Huron Valley took her in and helped her find a forever loving home.

“Lucky Seven is a super affectionate and friendly kitten,” a spokesperson from the shelter said. “She was purring and ‘making muffins; with her paws the entire time she was being examined by our veterinarian, and now is relaxing comfortably in our nursery, awaiting a foster to come get her.”

Watch the video here:

We are happy to know that Lucky Seven was adopted by a great person who is willing to provide her with a happy and healthy life that she deserves.

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