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Stray Cats In Philippines Teach Humans How To Do Social Distancing Properly

Social distancing is an effective way to limit the spread of coronavirus. So much so that even our animal friends have understood that simple concept. They follow the norms of social distancing and maintain safe physical distance amid the lockdown.

Recently, a group of stray cats was seen maintaining adequate physical distance on the sidewalk in one Quezon City market street, Philippines. The stray cats were sitting in circles drawn on the ground to mark where humans should stand to keep their distance and reduce the spread of Covid-19.

A woman named Coleen Joice Aquino took the pics of stray cats and posted them on social media. The meowsome pics went viral and were even featured on the news.

Coleen told Bored Panda that the cats stayed inside the circles for around 10 minutes. She thought it was so awesome, so she decided to take a few photos of them.

“I took the photos on May 10 and these cats are just roaming around the public market where our vegetable store is located at. That was the first time I saw cats sitting in the circles,” she said.

Coleen didn’t expect her photos would go viral. “I just posted them because I found it cute and nice content to share on social media.” She added that when she took the photos, her city was implementing an Enhanced Community Quarantine (aka an ECQ). “But now it is under Extreme ECQ. And people here are following regulations,” she said.

“I was so excited that I took pictures of them,” she also told the local media. According to her, these cats usually comes here looking for food.

It is clear that cats are great at following coronavirus quarantine rules and regulations (though we know they just love sitting inside of circles). Sadly, some people out there still think that the pandemic is not dangerous, so they don’t follow coronavirus quarantine rules and regulations.

People loved the photos and couldn’t stop saying about them:

“Cats are the original social distancers…they are not aloof, they have been social distancing the whole time… humans finally caught on… cats are rather relieved now, because damn humans are slow to catch on.”

“These cats are better at this than the d*khole at Walmart who told me he did not care about the directional arrows on the aisles. Next time, I’m just going to say I’m at high risk or something. This quarantine won’t work if we are all in it for ourselves. Jeez. Also luv cats.”

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Image credits: Coleen Joice Aquino

h.t: boredpanda

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