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Stray Cat Wanders Into Fire Station Begging For Help And Becomes A ‘Killer’

One cold day two years ago, a stray cat with no name wandered into Station 57 Fire Department in New York to look for help.
The firefighters at Station 57 quickly came to the cat’s aid, petting her and giving her food. From there, she decided to turn this place into her own little kingdom.At first she was very shy, but after few pets, she became very friendly and lovely. She started to warm up to her human friends and the firefighters were happy to have her there too. From that day on, everyone there became her family.She loves being petted and brushed. Being brushed makes her the happiest kitty in the world. In return, she keeps all rodents out of this place, she would chase off rodents and she would make sure to gift some to her humans in the morning after.

Because of her savage hunting skills, the firefighters decided to name the cute kitty Killer.She also loves sitting in the firefighters’ laps. She’ll often curl up in their laps and take long naps. Killer doesn’t just live a life of leisure—she also works hard!After all that hard work, Killer always likes to go for a massage. The firefighters are very happy to pamper the sweet cat.Killer has also made friends with other fire station’s pets, like El Chapo, a pit bull who lives at a fire station in Red Hook.This is an amazing story. Scroll down to have a glimpse of Killer’s daily routine at the firehouse. Please share this story with your friends and don’t forget to follow Killercat on Instagram.

Watch the video below!

(h/t: Love Meow)