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Stray Cat Sneaks Into Woman’s House Then Ends Up Giving Birth In Her Bathroom

When Annelyse found a stray cat in her garage, she thought she needed to help this poor animal. She gave the cat some food and water because it was obviously craving. Annelyse also realized the stray was quite dirty and with matted hair.

“We were on our way out and we heard all this meowing. I looked around and saw this cute little fluffy cat just walking around and meowing. She had sprinted in. She was so hungry and so thirsty. I realize she is a stray because she had pretty matted hair and she kind of felt dirty. I wanted to help her out.”

Immediately, they fell in love with each other. The cat started following her all around the house.

“This cat is literally following me around wherever I go. I can’t even go to the bathroom without her following me. She was super friendly. She let me pet her and she was rubbing up against my leg.”

The kitty was named Mouse. She felt comfortable around her new owner and transformed into a sweet and clean family pet right away.

“I love cats. I can’t really not take one in if it decides to enter my home,” Annelyse told The Dodo.

After about a week, Annelyse realized that that Mouse’s stomach was super big, but not the kind that translates into fat. For this reason, she decided to take her to the vet to check out.

“I realized her stomach was super big. Not just fat, flapping, around, all jiggly. She was thick and firm. I scheduled a vet appointment and they were like, “Looks like she’s pregnant!”

“I was so excited. I was so happy that we were going to have kittens. I was pretty nervous, though. I had never seen a cat give birth. I’m not an experienced cat OB-GYN.”

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Happy Monday! ???? Is anyone interested in videos of the birth? My mom captured the entire experience! She says I was really brave. ☺️

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Although she had never seen a cat give birth, she did some research and tried to prepare for the big day.

“We did some research,” she said, “and we had this little nesting box in the bathroom.”

A few days later, Mouse gave birth to four healthy kittens, and Annelyse and her partner couldn’t be more excited. They named the kittens: Sushi, Pluto, Spooky, and Smudge.

Initially, Annelyse tended to keep the kittens for eight weeks until they were ready to be given away, but soon she realized she couldn’t let them go that easily. So, she ended up keeping them for 10-11 weeks.

Finally, she found new loving homes for them and she couldn’t be happy about it, although she will miss them so much. Luckily, some of them were adopted by a family who lives very close to Annelyse’s house, so she can visit them whenever she wants.

Annelyse and her partner are happy to have Mouse. “She never tried to leave,” Annelyse said. “She was like ‘This is my home, you’re my human. We’re best friends.’ We can’t really give her away.”

Watch the video below for more details on this special story!

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