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Stray Cat Sneaks Into Stranger’s House And Decides To Stay In The House

We all know cats love to do what they want. They go where they like, eat what they want and sleep where they love. For this reason, they even can go and live in someone else’s house if they feel better.

Twitter user @brenaclifton recently had a special guest – who arrived in an unexpected fashion. She was doing her thing at home when she spotted a cat crawling out from a vent in her floor.

This cat is not Brena’s cat because she has no cats. However, she welcomed her guest in anyway, took a video and shared it to Twitter, where it quickly went viral and was met with a lot of laughter.

As soon as the video became an internet sensation, other twitters were happy to share their similar stories.

“I didn’t have a cat either… until last winter when this little guy followed my dogs into the house and never left.”

“I don’t have a cat either but this guy shows up every day”

“So true, I was claimed by my current cat almost 20 yrs ago.”

“Fed Him 1 Time Now He Lives Here” ????

It looks like it’s a happy ending for Brena and her kitty. She gave the kitten a new name Jeffrey, and now Jeffrey is living happily with his new roommate. “This is Jeffery! He is the cat cat came out of the vent. Lol I am the roommate.”

Do you have a cat who adopted you? We’re eager to see your stories and pictures in the comments below!

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