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Stray Cat Hops Into The Family Car And Decides To Stay With Them Forever

On a hectic morning, Melina Marama Waite was on her way to drop her two kids off at day care and drop her 9-year-old daughter off at school, when she suddenly realized there was a stranger sneaked inside her car.


“We stopped behind some cars at an intersection then all of a sudden a little cat climbed on the dashboard,” Waite told The Dodo. “It was a complete shock, I didn’t know what to do.”

Waite was incredibly shocked and confused to suddenly see a cat sitting right in front of her on the dashboard, and needless to say, the cat was just as bewildered.


“When the traffic moved I started moving and the cat slipped and panicked and tried to grab the rearview mirror and my daughter freaked out,” Waite said. “I tried to grab the cat then it fell and ran to the back of the car somewhere.”


Waite and her daughter immediately drove home. Arriving at home, she tried to grab the kitten, but he jumped out of the car and quickly ran away. But amazingly, he showed up at her house the next morning and had some breakfast. He came back for breakfast the next day and every day.

“He came back for breakfast the next day and every day after that,” Waite said. “He let me get closer [to him] each day.”


Thanks to a humane trap from a local cat rescue, Waite successfully caught the kitten. She took him to the veterinarian, where he was examined. He was named Dash, and now he is safe and sound inside her house.

Watch the video here:

He will stay with Waite’s family or move into another forever home. But no matter what happens, Dash definitely picked the right car and found his forever home.

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h.t: The Dodo

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