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Sphynx Kitty Looks Like A Bat Due To Rare Neurological Condition

An adorable cat named Lucy has gained a huge following on social media thanks to her enlarged head and hairless dark skin, which make her look like a cute bat.

Lucy is a one-year-old Sphynx and now is living with her owner Zilla Bergamini in Haifa, Israel. She was diagnosed at birth with hydrocephalus, a rare condition that occurs when fluid builds up in the skull and causes the brain to swell.

When Bergamini met Lucy for the first time, she fell in love with the special needs cat. Although it was difficult to raise and care for Lucy, Bergamini decided to adopt her.

“I fell in love at first sight,” Bergamini said. “I began reading everything I could about hydrocephalus and all possible outcomes. I looked for the best veterinarian neurological center in the country, and I already started setting up a fund to pay for her surgery, if needed or medication.”

For the first few days with her new family, Lucy hadn’t emptied her bowels and cried constantly. Bergamini quickly took the cat to the vet who had been treating her since day one. After a few vet visits, Lucy was treated and her digestive issues were under control. Her eyes were also fixed and now she doesn’t need eye drops anymore.

“She practically leaked poop 24/7 for more than two weeks straight,” Bergamini said. “I was putting her to sleep in a tiny baby diaper and I was always holding her.”

During this difficult period, Lucy and her owner formed a special and strong bond. Thanks to her loving and caring owner, the beautiful girl was nursed back into health. Bergamini is so happy because her adorable bat girl is doing just great.

Now, Lucy is living her best life in spite of her condition. She quickly became a true Instagram star after her owner created an Instagram page, where fans can enjoy her daily life.

“Some people just see her strangely shaped skull and weird eyes and think she is too ugly to be a pet,” Bergamini said. “One of her biggest admirers confessed to me that she had very negative thoughts about her the first time she saw her.”

Added Bergamini: “Like humans, pets can have disabilities but live happy lives, and they can give as much love as any other pet, if not more.”

What do you think about Lucy? It’s really hard not to fall in love with this beautiful girl, is it? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in comments below!

Source: People

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