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Soldier Got “Chosen” To Be A Stray Cat’s Forever Human

Sometimes, adopting a pet is not a choice we can make. A soldier serving in Romania has shared a story proving this fact.

Cats know what they want, and they usually can get it. As if felines had all the power to make us want them. In Romania, a black kitty chose his favorite human by deciding to fall asleep in the soldier’s combat helmet. It may not be the most comfortable bed, but there was no way the cat would be left behind.

Black cat in a helmet

Justin, the soldier in the story, reported that this cat started to follow him to his base. Ever since he found the cat, he has been his constant shadow. And Justin named him Salem.

Lounging on his human’s laps

Salem enjoys Justin’s helmet as much as he does on the man’s lap for attention and love. After a busy day, fellows at the base see Justin and Salem having some quiet time together, nursing each other solitude. The soldier then decided to take Salem home with him to live with him after he accomplishes the duty.

Salem has gained endless love from not Justin but people around him

Donation for Salem at Salem’s GoFundMe page has received over $4000 for him to get vaccinated and taken home. Justin said the money is more than enough.

In Romania, stray cats like Salem are no strange things. So, Justin promised to fund the rest to Oana’s Homeless Street Paws, where there are people to take care of the cause in Romania.

Let’s wait for the day Salem travels to his forever home and thank Justin for such a kind heart. Please share this story if you like it.

h.t: iheartcats

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