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Sneaky Cat Raids The Fridge Through The Crack In The Door

Meet Carrot, the orange tabby cat who is going viral for raiding his owners’ fridge.

Whenever his owners open up the fridge to grab something, he would place his furry orange paw on delicious foods through the crack in the door.

According to Rachel Zardus – Carrot’s owner, she rescued Carrot when he was just a kitten. A good person found him at a gas station and then took him to the hospital to check over his health.

“One of our best friends works at a local animal hospital. Someone found him at a gas station and brought him into the hospital. He was fostered for a bit by someone else but we suspect it wasn’t a good situation because he was very stressed and they ended up surrendering him back to the hospital. Carrot then lived at the hospital a couple of weeks, and our friend who worked there brought him over to our apartment one weekend when she was looking after him.”

Zardus described Carrot as a rambunctious and mischievous little guy.

“He’s definitely always been a sneak! He’s always doing sneaky stuff — hiding in his tunnel, jumping out at us as we walk through the apartment, playing tag and hide-and-seek — all are some of his favorite games,” Zardus told The Dodo.

He sneakily raids the fridge and always thinks that his parents don’t know about it. However, he was wrong because everyone knew his style of sneak.

“We pretty much know he’s going to because he is in the kitchen with us and in play mode,” Zardus said. “He’s reaching for us to play. It’s a game to him.”

Thankfully, Zardus and her boyfriend always check before they close the fridge door, so Carrot’s paw is not accidentally injured by the closing fridge door.

And in order to be extra safe, they decided to make a sign on the condiment shelf inside the fridge door to remind themselves to check for Carrot’s paws before shutting the door.

Thanks to the huge paper, there have been zero accidents since. And Carrot gets to carry on believing that his family has not yet caught on to his paw-in-the-fridge routine. However, Zardus is looking a long-term solution to seal the gap in the fridge door permanently. She wants to ensure no future injuries, especially for guests who are unfamiliar with Carrot’s style of sneak.

Do you love Carrot the cat? Let us know your thoughts in comments and share his story with your friends and family members!

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