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Smart Dog Uses His Tongue To Get Out Of Kennel Anytime He Wants

Many pet owners think that simply buying a crate and a kennel will be enough to keep their pet safe and contained. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, dogs see being crated as either a game or something they have to break out of at all costs. The clever ones will learn how to exploit the kennel’s weaknesses and manage to escape from it.

Meet Ty the dog and his best little dog friend named Dilly. The two belong to veterinarian Patrick Kalanzi of the Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital in Colorado. Once in a while, the vet invites them to join him at work. He has a crate to place them in if they ever need to be momentarily corralled.


But a simple crate isn’t enough to keep Ty behind bars for too long. If the clever boy decides he wants out, he knows how to get out of the kennel. Turns out, Ty knows how to “pick” the lock, and he is a pro at doing that. He can use his tongue to unlock the gate and let himself and Dilly out of the crate. And just like that, Ty and Dilly are free.

Watch his action in the video below:

“Don’t worry Dilly, I’ll break us out of here” Pictured: Dr Patrick’s own – Ty and Dilly Kalenzi

Posted by Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital on Saturday, November 30, 2019

Kalanzi just thinks it’s hilarious and can’t get mad at Ty. “He mastered the kennel door very fast. After all, he is a licky pit bull,” Kalanzi told The Dodo. “He’s a very smart escape artist.”

After all, you can’t stop Ty, you can only hope to contain him! What a smart dog!

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h.t: The Dodo

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