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Shy Cat Tries To Find Home After Over 400 Days At Shelter

Champas, a white cat with green eyes, was in the Animal Welfare League shelter for 436 long days. With his beautiful appearance the staff thought the cat would quickly be adopted. However, Champas was a shy cat and he hid away whenever potential adopters came. That is the reason why many adopters overlooked him and no one put in an application for him.

This charming little boy had been at the shelter for more than a year so the shelter decided to do something to help socialize him. The staffs let him become a feline receptionist working alongside a staff member at the front desk.

Champas loved his new job and grew to love people. He liked spending time with the staff and the adopters coming into the shelter. Soon, Champas was an integral part of the front desk, meeting and greeting clients.

In order to help Champas find a home, Animal Welfare League came up with a unique campaign for him. They posted a photo of Champas on their Facebook page with an adorable sign.

Soon after the photo of Champas went viral, the perfect person came to adopt the cat. Thankfully, a man named Nathan came for the little guy and adopted him.

We’re so glad Champas found the perfect forever home with a happy ending! Please share this heart-warming story with your friends and family members!