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Shelter Finds The Perfect Solution For Senior Cat Who Just Wants To Be Held

This is Dougie, the super sweet 15-year-old ginger cat who was rescued by the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Maine. However, shelter life can be extremely upsetting and extraordinarily lonely, so he just wants to be loved and cuddled. He loves being held so much that if he isn’t he’s not being held, he will cry and meow as loud as he can until being scooped up in someone’s arms.

According to a post on the Facebook page of Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland: “When he’s not being held, Dougie’s meow can be heard from galaxies far away.”

In order to help Dougie, staffs at the League decided to use a baby bjorn that allowed Dougie to be held while the staff still do their job effectively. He seemed to love sitting in the baby harness, and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen ever.

“He loves affection and to be near his people all the time,” Jeana Roth, director of community engagement at the shelter, told HuffPost. “He’s also very chatty and will even give kisses when you ask him for them. He gets along wells with other pets and even grooms them.”

After that, the shelter shared some adorable photos of Dougie on Facebook and the sweet cat made the internet freaked out. Dougie quickly went viral, and he had a new home within a day. He was adopted by a loving mom who promises to hold him as much as she can.

Finally, Dougie found a loving home and a great mother. If you want to find a pet from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, you can visit their website here. Share the cute!

h/t: Huffington Post

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