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Senior Shelter Dog Falls Asleep On His Human Lap After Realizing He Is Finally Safe

Puppies are typically adopted at higher rates than adult or older dogs. Many people are not interested in adopting these senior dogs because they are not as playful and sweet as puppies. That is the reason why senior shelter dogs often find themselves waiting a long time for their forever homes.

Jack is a 13-year-old senior dog who requires a bit more care and attention than younger pups. Sadly, Jack had to end up at the Pennsylvania SPCA because his former owner passed away. He always hopes that someone will come to give a senior dog like him a chance at life. And thankfully, a kindly man appeared and helped him.

Last weekend, a kindly man walked into the shelter with just one request: “[He] asked to see an old dog in need of a home,” the shelter wrote in a post.

They directed the man to Jack and noted the pup had some health problems that would need to be treated. While some other adopters don’t want to adopt him because of these problems, this man thought differently: “He said, ‘He’s perfect, I’ll take him. What vet do you recommend I take him to?'” the shelter said.

Jack fell asleep on his human lap after he realized that he was finally safe. The senior dog seemed to know that he had found a new best friend who would love him and care for him during his final years.

“Jack curled up on his lap and caught a nap while they both patiently waited for the paperwork to be processed,” the shelter said. “This is what animal welfare is all about. Falling in love, giving second chances to those who need it most, and finding the heroes in humanity.”

Now, Jack is enjoying his happy life with his beloved owner. We are so happy to know that his life is filled with warmth and love.

There are just so many lonely old dogs across the country who deserve to live their lives safely, comfortably, and surrounded by love. Please share this post with your friends and family members to raise awareness about helping animals, especially adults and older animals.

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