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Rescuers Refused To Give Up On Paralyzed Kitten And Never Stopped Believing She Could Walk Again

When two-month-old Tallyrand was found in a storm drain, the kitten was unable to walk because she was paralyzed. She couldn’t move her back legs or tail due to broken back. Thankfully, she was saved and brought to the shelter by the incredible people at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington.

“When they found her she couldn’t move her back legs or her tail or anything,” said Nikki Link, a vet nurse at the Humane Rescue Alliance, in a story by WUSA9. “She could not walk at all, she just wasn’t responding.”

Credit on Youtube

Many people thought that she might never walk again, but the rescuers weren’t ready to give up on her and never stopped believing she could walk again. For this reason, they started giving the little girl acupuncture treatments, and they did everything to help her.

Despite her traumatic past, Tallyrand didn’t let it affect her happiness, kind spirit. And after a month of treatments, she’s surprising everyone. Her tail started to twitch and her legs began to kick. And then, she stood up on her own.

“We were holding her and we just decided to let her go, it was the most exciting thing.”

Through physical therapy, patience, and a lot of love, Tallyrand got her second chance. After a few months of work, she is now able to walk and run just like any other cat. Her strength and motor skills kept improving.

The rescuers were so happy when she could walk again and find her purrfect owner, who loves her and knows she will need a little extra care and possibly physical therapy.

Thanks to this wonderful rescue for having faith in Tallyrand, and we hope that the cute little will be happy in her forever home!\

h.t: Youtube

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