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Puppy Is Caught Red-Handed When Trying To Escape From Playpen

Every dog is a good dog. But all of them can sometimes cause trouble. They get involved in what they shouldn’t, and trouble comes. Mia, the adorable puppy in this story does the same. The cute little girl was caught red-handed when trying to escape from her playpen.

Mia is just 6 months old. As she is still so young, she has to stay in the kennel and the playpen when her mom goes out.

However, like many other pups, she loves exploring the world around her. She is more curious about what her mom does not allow her to do. She never wants to spend her time in those two spots.

One day, when her mom left the house, Mia decided to carry out a job that she had planned before.

Mia’s mom let her in the playpen but she didn’t agree with it. The adorable pup makes an escape.

Unluckily, Mia was caught balancing on top of the playpen, getting ready to jump over to freedom. When the mischievous pup spotted her mom, she knew that her job failed.

“Mia just had a look of, ‘Oh crap, I’m busted,’” Rosado said.

Mia’s mom, Rosado said that she came back to the house as she forgot something. And this broke up Mia’s escaping plan.

The escape turns out incredibly hilarious. Looking at Mia’s innocent face, her mother can only forgive her. The dog is so smart and adorable.

“Mia escapes all the time from the playpen and figured out how to escape from her kennel … Mia is a very smart girl,” Rosado said.

Do you fall in love with the escape of the adorable and mischievous Mia? If yes, just share it with family and friends!

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