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Photographer Captures The Daily Mysterious Lives Of Cats In Majestic Black and White Photos

If you have a pet cat, you can see that they are truly strange cats. Even you ask anyone who has a cat and they will be quick to tell you, cats can be some of the most mysterious creatures.
Cats are not only mysterious, they can also be somewhat mischievous. That is why these photographers have managed to capture an even more enigmatic side of them with a series of black and white photos that utilize color contrasts perfectly, are absolutely perfect for our feline friends.
Today, August 8th, is International Cat Day, so we decided that we’d bring a list of mysterious about classy black and white cat photos for you. These black-and-white pictures are sure to be treasured by you.
Scroll down and enjoy! Happy International Cat Day with cat lovers!


Image credits: João Domingues


Image credits: wakoo22


Image credits: Laia


Image credits: Dhruv Aggarwal


Image credits: Kevin Law


Image credits: Aleksandr Antonov (left) | Jure Kravanja (right)


Image credits: Suze Piat


Image credits: Amy Covington


Image credits: Bebo


Image credits: Jennifer MacNeill