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Pet’s “Systems” Sometimes Crash Temporarily, Showing In 30 Photos

16. “Is there anything wrong with my sitting position? Why you keep laughing at me?”

17. “This is not the way that a normal cat sits.”

18. “This dog is caught red-pawed stealing out of the backyard to make his solo adventure. Just look at his sneaky face!”

19. “When the seat doesn’t have enough room for both, just find a way.”

20. “You’ve put your leg in the wrong place, friend.”

21. “I’m making an escape plan but still get stuck here.”

22. “You allowed me to chill with the mud. And I made a mud mask. Am I a good boy?”

23. “I’ve found a perfect place to play hide and seek, humans. You will never see me.”

24. “He keeps sitting like a cat when hanging out with his cat friends.”

25. “What is the first thing to come out of your mind when seeing this pic? A turkey. “

26. “A dog that tries to sit like a cat. He doesn’t find anything wrong with this sitting position.”

27. “You are getting me mad, human. You don’t keep your words. You promise to buy me some cheese but you don’t.”

28. “You get doubted whether I have gone to the gym or not, right? I have.”

29. “When you don’t know what you should do. Just stand still and relax. This is my way.”

30. “Noone in his family can understand why he sits like this. He may come from another planet.”

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