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Pets Are The Spice Of Our Busy Life, Proving Through 30 Photos

16. “When you’ve caused trouble but you didn’t realize it. You even got angry because of being interrupted.”

17. “Always smile, even when you’re imperfect. It makes our life much better.”

18. The best photo of the day! Could you see the heart?

19. “When you’re looking at something and someone is looking at you.”

20. “The feeling of winning your sibling in a game is wonderful.”

21. “You are making me irritated. You’re a sneaky boy.”

22. “You guys must listen to me. No is no. No further explanation.”

23. “Don’t look at me like that! It makes me embarrassed.”

24. “When someone talks behind your back and you hear all. Look at them like this to make them feel embarrassed and guilty.”

25. “This innocent guy thinks that he’s found the best place to play hide and seek.”

26. “Visiting the vet isn’t as scared as I think.”

27. “When the first trip to the sea goes beyond your expectation. You know that you don’t really like the sea.”

28. “I’m convinced myself that I’m still a baby, so I can do whatever I want. Who makes fun of silly actions of a baby?”

29. “When you and your owners are all funny guys. Can never take serious pics together.”

30. “Noone is perfect. All of us have unflattering photos.”

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