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Pets And Their Favorite Toys Are Inseparable, Proving Through 30 Photos

16. “Today is not an exciting day. Thanks for staying with me when I’m not in mood for anything, friend.”

17. Is this pic enough to warm up the coldest hearts?

18. “My new toy is so amazing. It can fit me.”

19. “I’m just so happy to get my first toy.”

20. “All my toys are here, mom. I don’t have anything to play with me. Are these available now?”

21. “My grandfather took me to the shop and told me to pick up a toy of my favorite. Can’t feel happier than this moment.”

22. “Giant guys also love toys!”

23. “One, two, three,.. I have a lot of toys and love playing with them all.”

24. “My tiny friend is so adorable.”

25. “It’s not a real cigar, just my toy. Do I look cool when playing with it?”

26. “This toy is as big as me now. So happy to have him by my side.”

27. “Your toy makes a perfect pillow.”

28. “I won’t get inside until I get all my toys. Why you clean all of them? I don’t have anyone to play with me.”

29. “My toy friend needs eating, too.”

30. “Getting along well with my first toy.”

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