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People Are Sharing The Prettiest Photos Of Their Pets On Social Media

#16 This Is Finn, He Is A Husky And Samoyed Mix

#17 Cricket, My Bottle Calf. He Was Born To A Teenage Mom Who Couldn’t Feed Him. He Almost Died Twice, First At Birth And Later With Pneumonia. He’s A Tough Little Guy!

#18 Sir Catto

#19 My Late Cat And His Sweet Look

#20 Rüdiger, Who Got An Eye Of You 😉

#21 Teddy

#22 Did Someone Say Cheese?

#23 Teddy Close Up- He’s Pretty Sick At Not Even 7 Years Old, Gotta Take Pics While I Can

#24 My Furry Godson Ghost

#25 My Late Dog And His Girlfriend

#26 Ava Was A Shining Light In Our Lives. She Is Greatly Miss.

#27 Alice

#28 This Is My Handsome Boy Pierce Brosnan From One Of His Many Photo Shoots.

#29 R.i.p. Hot Pot, I’ll Always Miss You

#30 Portrait Of A Lady On Catnip

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