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Paralyzed Rescue Cat Drags Himself Around Vet Clinic To Comfort Sick Animals

Black cat superstition has led to many misguided notions about them. Most people consider the black cat a symbol of bad luck and misfortune, but the cat in the story below is very distinctive. He will bring good fortune to all he visits.

Meet Lucifer, a rescue cat lives in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. When the rescuers found him, the poor cat can’t walk because he had a problem with his legs. They think that he got squeezed by the door and now his legs got paralyzed because of a damaged spine.

Although he has a spooky name that has a dark reputation, he is a kind-hearted kitty. After the veterinarians saved him and helped him to recover, he devoted his life to support the other animals that are healing in the vet clinic. But he doesn’t only give them his love and time, he’s also donated blood to sick kitties.

Lucifer is still paralyzed, but nothing can stop him from comforting other healing animals. He drags himself around the clinic to bring comfort to the other patients and explain that they need to live. He often cuddles and snuggles with them to make them feel safe and loved.

Many people think that Luc helps other animals because he really understands their pain, and he knows what it feels like to be sick and in need of some love and care.

Animals at the clinic seem to really enjoy his comforting presence. His presence calms them down and gives them love and comfort when they need it the most. Lucifer is very proud of this, and he takes his job very seriously!

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