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Overweight Cat Bazooka Receiving A Weigh-Loss Program At North Carolina Animal Shelter

When arrived at North Carolina Animal Shelter, Bazooka weighed 35 pounds. That is a large number for a cat. The 5-year-old cat was living with his owner, who was a senior citizen suffering dementia.

Darci Vanderslik, the representative of SPCA, said that he knew he should take in this kitty and give him the right care. It was a good possibility that Bazooka’s previous owner might keep feeding the cat, forgetting that he had his meal.

When the owner passed away, Bazooka was taken to a shelter partnering with the North Carolina one in Davidson County.

Bazooka in his current form

Bazooka is a bit too big for a normal cat. He was carried down the halls though he’s not a big fan of being held. That could be very possible that he’s feeling uncomfortable in the form he’s in right now. However, Bazooka still keeps his kitty spirit in mind, enjoying his life lounging by the window, watching birds. He is yet a mellow and playful cat that loves his splatter toy.

At the shelter, people hope to get Bazooka down to 25 or 20 pounds step by step. Along with the medical treatment he is receiving, Bazooka is also working on his diet. He’s already got a trained foster family to love and take care of him. This cat is going well on his treatment with a will prompted from his zero reaction to the new diet.

The good news is Bazooka is in the queue to his new home soon. Let’s hope a new happy life for Bazooka, and please share this story.

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