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Orphaned Kitten Comforts And Brings Joy To Woman Who Had A Miscarriage

After having a miscarriage, women will experience huge physical and emotional challenges, so husbands need to comfort and support them. And Imgur user mraeronautic in this post also tried to comfort his wife after her miscarriage, but nothing worked. Thankfully, everything had changed after he brought her a kitten who needed a mom. The wife finally found healing in the calico named Callie.

“My wife recently had a miscarriage. After two months of trying to make her feel better with no success, I found a kitten with no mommy. I saw that a shelter in another town had brought this little girl in after her mother was killed,” he wrote on Imgur. “Her face and her eyes just brought a calmness over me and I thought she might make my wife feel the same.”

For this reason, he decided to adopt the orphaned kitten and took her home. When his wife saw their new cat, she was elated. And the kitten seemed to know that her new mom needed her.

“The wife was super pumped when I brought her through the front door. We have had her for 5 days now and I haven’t seen my wife this happy in a long time.”

“She and Callie bonded immediately,” he wrote. “Callie is constantly snuggled up to her momma and sleeps tucked up to her stomach at night.”

The little kitty loves her new home and brings a lot of joy and fun to the family. The story gets even better when this loving couple gets good news.

“This morning I was cleaning the litter box and got a tap on the shoulder. When I turned around, my wife had this pregnancy test and the biggest smile on her face,” the husband wrote. “Little Callie is going to be a sister!”

We think that little Callie may be an angel in disguise. What do you think about it? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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