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No One Wanted Him Because He Looked “Funny”, Until One Person Saw The Cat Underneath…

He was born with water on the brain and defective legs, and no one was interested in giving him a place to live. All they could see were defects, and not the cat underneath.

But that all changed, when at 3 months old Nancy Lynch – in conjunction with Kaley’s Place Rescue, decided that like Zeke was too cute for words!

She adopted Zeka and posted his pictures on Facebook, and it this way she learned about “Super Heroes Animal Hydrocephalus Society”.

Lisa runs Super Heroes Animal Hydrocephalus Society and they help animals born with water on the brain head and it was agreed with Nancy that they come to New York to have Zeke properly taken care of. And that was the start of their journey from Texas!

Zeke was well treated, and now his handicap barely holds him back. He plays with other cats, and when his legs don’t work as well as others, he just hops.

And best of all, at Super Heros Animal Hydrocephalus Society he made a great friend, the cat Superhero who was born with the same brain affliction as Zeke.

Zeke has been lucky, his new owner loves him, and he has the chance to live a normal, happy life.

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