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Move Aside Grumpy Cat, Loki Is The New Grumpiest Cat In The World

Have you ever met the cat looks like a old man yet? Let’s meet Loki, a Sphynx cat that looks like an old man with a nasty face with anyone. But with Sara and Brent, Loki is their best friend and they are inseparable.
Sara and Brent adopted Loki from Brooklyn, NY. Sara reveals that this cat had irritable and personality than any species of animal that she ever met.
In 2014, a day before Halloween, Loki entered the living of the couple, as Brent is allergic to cats so adopting a pet for them had more challenges than it usually does.
Loki is extremely affectionate, cuddly and chatting. He enjoys napping, eating chicken and eggs. A cat always has the scratches. But Lọki seems to like that scratches
After the couple adopted Loki, they started to create an Instagram page solely dedicated to Loki. His Instagram page quickly picked up a following, noticeably for his seemingly grumpy demeanor and unique look. Loki has helped them back with creativity and optimism themself was lost when both felt unmotivated and depressed. Animals have incredible healing ability. In spite of unpleasant face, cranky as an old man, Loki is really a nice and lovely cat.
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