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Mother Cat Gently Comforts Scared Little Kitten During Fireworks

Sometimes, something unexpected happens that turns our world upside down, and we’re just frustrated with life without even knowing why. But no matter what the reason, remember that the hardest days contain lessons that will help you be a better person. And if you are having a bad day and you want to look for something to help you push through this tough time, the video below will be the best choice for you. There is a light on the other side… and you’re closer to it than you think.

When a firework display started, it had this two-week old kitten got scared. Thankfully, her mother cat was right there to hold her close, comfort her, and keep her to calm during the fireworks. No more fear, only cuddles! What a heart-warming moment!

Watch as this sweet and caring mama cat comforts her little kitten by covering its tiny ears and puts her at ease. We are sure that this video will be the cutest thing you see today!

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