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Most People Can’t Find The Big Cat In This Photo – Can You?

Saurabh Desai, a wildlife photographer recently posted a photo which he captured in the Spiti Valley of Northern India that made internet users confused. At a glance, it appears to be a simple landscape shot but Desai was actually snapped a snow leopard in this photo, a big cat whose perfectly camouflaged coat makes him blend into his landscape to a breathtaking degree.

Can you spot him?

If you tried but you can’t find the snow leopard, don’t worry about it. Even locals in this region also have a very tough time spotting them despite being in plain sight.

Here’s a hint for those still have the answer:

“I spent almost three years in search of this amazing cat,” Desai told The Dodo. Desai said that he wanted this animal to be captured the way people have described it. “They say that often they don’t see the ‘Shan’ but ‘Shan’ always sees them.”

Thanks to Desai’s work, we can be admired the beauty of animals and nature in these gorgeous photos.

If you can find the big cat, share your answers with us and don’t forget to challenge your friends.

h/t: The Dodo