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Missing Dog Had Waited So Long For Reuniting With His Best Friend

Earlier this month, a large and blue-eyed stray dog was found by volunteers at an animal shelter in Ukraine. The dog had lived many years on the streets with an emaciated body and a mangy coat. Therefore, rescuers decided to help the dog find a loving home where he could return to his health and live a happy life. Amazingly, a miracle happened.

Image Credit: Facebook/ Galina Lekunova

The rescuers quickly took some photos of him and posted them on social media to look for potential adopters. Within hours, the post was shared hundreds of times by people around the world. However, nobody wanted to care for him and give him home due to his condition and health. The poor pup didn’t seem to garner much interest, and he was sad.

Two days later, a woman contacted the shelter to meet the dog. She said that she had stolen her dog in 2017, and after seeing the shelter’s post, she thought that was her missing pup. “She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” Galina Lekunova, who works at the shelter, told The Dodo. But could this be him?

The next day, a meeting was set, and all doubt was soon laid to rest when the dog saw his owner and wagged his tail. He was so happy to be in his best friend’s arms again.

The dog, whose name is Lord, finally reunited with his family and was back where he belonged. Thanks to the help of strangers on social media who shared the post to save the dog’s life and help him return to his owner after being separated from them and living as a stray on the streets for 2 years.

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h/t: The Dodo

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