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Meet Olive – The Double Odd Eyed Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With Her Gorgeous Eyes

Once in a while, you will see cats who have two different colored eyes. This is a striking condition called heterochromia iridis, which means irises that are different colors. These cats known as odd-eyed cats, and they typically have one eye that is a completely different color than the iris of the other eye – one blue eye and one green eye, for instance.

However, as you can see, Olive’s eyes aren’t just each a different color. Both eyes have two colors. This is one type of the heterochromia is called sectoral heterochromia. In this type, the iris of a single eye contains two colors, so her eyes are split between blue and yellow. It rarely occurs, so it makes her so special. What a wonderful sight to see!

There are generally no risk factors associated with heterochromia and Olive has no problems with her health. She has three other feline companions who are simple beautiful too. And they are now living happily with their beloved owners.

This is Fifi, Olive’s sister who has a stunning fur.

And here is Skyla who is no slouch in the “mesmerizing eyes” contest herself.

Last but certainly not least, is Charlie, the solo boy of the home.

When seeing Olive for the first time, we fell in love with her. So, we are sure you will be mesmerized by her beautiful eyes!

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