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Meet Evin The Ginger Cat And His Tiny Doppelgänger Minnie

Usually, cats (or pretty much every other animals) are very cautious of other being coming into their territories, and it takes quite some time for them to warm up to each other. However, this isn’t the case here. When Jesse Ryan brought Minnie the ginger kitten home, his grown up cat Evin greeted the newcomer warmly. Almost too warm. It’s like he’s decided to adopt the kitten.
Evin and his little doppelgänger never leave each other’s side. Actually, it’s the kitten who is being clingy most of the time, but Evin doesn’t seem to hate her by any means. In fact, he seems to enjoy Minnie’s company very much.
According to Jessica Ryan. the two cats “hit it off right away”, and the reason for this is mainly because: “Minnie clung to Evin and gave him no other choice! They nonstop wrestle, play and snuggle. They also clean each other after meals. They’re best friends. We have another older grey (grouchy) cat named Tunie. They love to harass her, chase her and smack her butt when she walks by.”
Scroll down for adorable pictures of the two felines.
More info: Instagram

Evin warmed up to Minnie…

… almost immediately!

Jesse brought Minnie home from the dairy farm he works at.

“Evin and Minnie hit it off right away!”

“I think mainly because Minnie clung to Evin, and gave him no other choice!”

Jessica thinks that Minnie felt attached to Evin because they looked alike.

“They nonstop wrestle, play, and snuggle.”

“They also clean each other after meals. They’re best friends.”

“Evin and his Mini-Me are amazing. They bring so much joy to our house.”

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