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Meet Cleo Who Looks Like A Giraffe With Insanely Long Neck And Legs

16. Nice photo!

17. “I feel like I’m doing a photoshoot at a studio.”

18. “You guys, look! This is my very new sweater.”

19. “I just feel bored today.”

20. “Are we having a walk to our local park right now? Perfect!”

21. ” I have really long legs that get many other furry guys jealous of.”

22. “Who is this place, mom? I’m a bit scared.”

23. “I’ve just taken a bath.”

24. “This is me and my sibling. Who is cuter?’

25. “This chair fits me perfectly.”

26. “I love laying at the window and looking at humans and traffic passing by.”

27. “Are you calling me, mom?”

28. “This is how I enjoy my leisure time. Lay down on the sofa and watch my favorite films.”

29. “Someone is coming to my home. I need to do inside to tell mom.”

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