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Man Was Surprised When Finding A Stray Cat Gave Birth Under His Bed And Decided To Become A ‘Cat Dad’

This is a story of Paris Zarcilla who is British filmmaker. When he went upstairs to his bedroom to grab a sweater and instead found that a beautiful black and white cat had given birth to adorable kittens right underneath his bed. A cat he didn’t own or know. Zarcilla isn’t sure how the cat got under his bed, but was just so happy that they did. Zarcilla immediately fell in love with this felines.

“I just found a cat that is not mine and it has had babies under my bed,” Zarcilla wrote. He documented the whole discovery and its aftermath in essentially the most cute Twitter thread, and it rapidly went viral with nearly 74K likes and over 21K retweets.

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More info: Twitter

Someone was breaking and entering into this guy’s bedroom, but he caught them red-pawed

Reality struck him hard

But he soon adjusted to his new role as the ‘cat dad’

His final thoughts about the situation suggest the kittens fell into the right hands

h/t: Bored Panda

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