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Man Spends 7 Hours Saving Litter Of Kittens Cruelly Buried Under Piles Of Wood

When Cliff heard faint meowing coming from a pile of wood in a dumpster, he knew he needed to act fast. At first, he saw a little helpless kitten hanging onto scraps of wood, trying to cry for help. But then, he realized that there were more than one kitten. These kittens were at danger because they were cruelly buried under the piles of wood.

So Cliff quickly rolled up his sleeves and started to rescue the poor kittens. He spent 7 hours digging in piles of wood and steels to save them. Although one of the kittens couldn’t survive, the others were saved safely and were given a second chance at life.

The helpless kitties were so young that their eyes just opened, so they needed an all-day care. Thankfully, Watching Over Whiskers, a rescue organization in Springfield, Missouri took them in and cared for them.

The staffs at the rescue fed them and gave them everything they needed to grow healthy and strong. They even get a new ‘mother’, a rescued cat named Roxy, who takes care for them every day. Now all the kittens are happy at their foster home and are ready for adoption.

Finally, the kittens found their forever homes, where they will be loved and cared by wonderful owners. “We are grateful Cliff took all that time to save these little lives. He’s a hero!” shelter staff said.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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