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Man And His Donkey Recreate Iconic ‘The Lion King’ Song And It’s Fantastic!

Meet Nathan, the cute donkey, and his human pal Travis Kinley – the director of the Sumter United Ministries Emergency Shelter on Oakland Avenue. Recently, Kinley and his donkey went viral after posting a video of themselves harmonizing in an unconventional version of “Circle of Life,” the opening song from “The Lion King.”

Kinley was hanging out with Nathan and their other horse friend when he was struck with the urge to create his own rendition to the popular song from Disney’s movie. Amazingly, when Kinley sang the song, the donkey Nathan decided to join in as well — creating a hilarious duet that’s even more adorable than you might expect.

Image Credit: nbc12

“I was shocked Nathan joined in and just kept going,” Kinley said. “He never brays that long and has never heard me sing that before.”

“[I] did the Lion King opening and Nathan joined in with me!” Kinley wrote on Facebook. “Love this dude!”

Thanks to Nathan, this unique version of the song has taken social media by storm. The video has already been shared over 56,000 times and has over 19,000 reactions.

You can watch the amazing video here!

???????????????? Did the Lion King opening and Nathan joined in with me! ???????????????? I love this dude! #DareToShare #IWokeUpLikeThis

Posted by Travis Kinley on Thursday, July 25, 2019

This song is so good, it gets the whole animal kingdom going — including donkeys, who are not great singers but they are enthusiastic friends. And of course, we should applaud that enthusiasm.

If you love Nathan and his video, let’s share it with your friends and family members!

H/t: nbc12

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