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Malaysian Artist Draws Cute Animals Digitally And Brings Them Out Into The Real World

Meet Yee Chong, the Malaysian artist who uses his graphic design skills to draw cute animals and brings them out into the real world. He had been working as a graphic designer for 5 years. But after that, he quit the job and switched to freelance work due to a meager salary.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist shared everything about his works of art. He admitted that the project came spontaneously, and initially, he considered it as a simple experiment to explore his skills. “It was meant to be a test on my understanding of light and shadow, but people seem to like them a lot so I continued ’till now,” he said.

Chong revealed that he was pretty surprised about the community’s response. His simple experiments have turned into a lucrative passion that has gained him almost 100,000 followers on his Instagram, and the number keeps growing by the day. It makes him feel very flattered and motivates him to produce more works.

In Chong’s artwork, you can find cute animals like foxes, kittens and even fantasy creatures in their ”everyday“ situations. All of them interact with everyday items such as teacups, sofas and coffee makers. One of his favorite characters are foxes, so they are often the main protagonists of the images.

When asked whether he felt any attachment to his project, Yee Chong confessed that these digital animals give him much-needed comfort because he lives alone in an apartment where doesn’t allow pets. The artist also gave a promise: “I will keep producing them as long as it brightens people’s days or cheers people up.”

Scroll down to enjoy Chong’s artwork, but beware since you may experience excess cuteness. If you love his work, please check out his Instagram to see more cute pictures.

1. I am going to dieee it is too sooo cute!

2. Teacup Fox!


4. I’d never get anything important done with this destructive little fluff ball in the way.

5. Friggin firefox!

6. “Play wit me! No time to doodle”

7. “Oh no my best fwend is sweeping and won’t wake up.’’

8. Hewo big brodda!

9. Let me consume!

10. “Supwize????

11. “Eat your veggies!” “NO!”

12. *Smol boy intensifies*

13. This one looks mischievous.

14. I wanna be cozy with these cuties.

15. When you get lost in the Walmart.

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