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Little Stray Kitten Walks Up To Man And Begged To Be Adopted

Reddit user Will was out with his husky dog when a tiny stray kitten came up to him and it was love at first sight. The little kitten followed him around, asking to be adopted.

Will didn’t see the little cutie’s cat momma, so he decided to take him home. As soon as Will picked him up, the little guy immediately cuddled with him and began to purr.

After that, he took the kitten to the vet, where he had a health check. Thankfully, the kitten was healthy and playful.

“Will you be my dad?”

“As I was petting my husky this little guy walked up to me,” Will said (reddit/Dustycartridge). “He is a kitten from one of the strays that live around here.”

The kitten was named Onion.

When Will found Onion, the poor kitten was only 5 weeks old. The tiny tabby just wanted to play with his beloved dad and wouldn’t let him go.

“This little guy will follow me around the house if I let him loose. He just won’t leave me alone now.”

Onion loves cuddling with his human at his new home. He loves to be held and hugged.

Onion is all grown up now and still loves snuggling with Will whenever he picks him up.

After everything happened, the poor kitten finally found his forever home and loving owner that he deserves.

Look at Onion now! He’s grown into a handsome boy!

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More info: Reddit | h/t: lovemeow

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