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Leave Dogs Home Alone Is Not A Wise Idea At All, Proving Through 30 Pics

16. “I’ve caused serious trouble. I chewed up my mom’s paperwork. Need to find somewhere to hide now.”

17. “This’s one of my favorite ways to chill in scorching days, mom.”

18. “Steal food and caught on the spot. But this guy still tries to be innocent.”

19. “This guy stole some sauce and took a nap. This scene nearly gave his owner a heart attack.”

20. “A tornado hit the home. What could calm owners down when seeing this?”

21. “I think we need to change this door. Its quality wasn’t good at all.”

22. “Suprise? Finally, I got my way to see you even when the door is closed.”

23. “We’ve just played with stuff we found on our way. Did we do something that we shouldn’t?”

24. “As you don’t use these items anymore, I gather all of them here and transfer them to the garbage bin later.”

25. “I think we’ve involved in trouble, bro. Mom and dad see what we’re doing through the camera.”

26. “I just want to help you prepare ingredients to make dessert cupcakes. Flour and eggs are ready to use.”

27. “I’ve found a way to reuse old magazines in our house, mom. Tear them apart to release stress. It works.”

28. “Wow, I’ve made hundreds of footprints on the floor. Hiding here to give my dad and mom a surprise.”

29. “Mom, the quality of our sofa is not good. I gave it some bites. Just some.”

30. “When you can’t open the door, just try your own way. And here is the result.”

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