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Leave Dogs Home Alone Is Not A Wise Idea At All, Proving Through 30 Pics

Every dog is a good dog but sometimes can cause trouble, especially left at home alone. When they have much free time in their colony, of course, they may do something a bit crazier. Why? They need to add some spices to their boring time that they can’t when staying with their owners. These adorable, smart, and mischievous guys may make some mess to show off with their owners. They’re very excited and proud of their “artwork”.

Our post today is about 30 photos proving that leaving your dog home alone is not a wise idea. You will be astonished (or shocked) at the project your pets make when coming back home. You may even think there is a tornado that hit your house. But the point is these troublemakers try to be innocent or look at you with helpless, adorable eyes. This turns out to be incredibly hilarious. What could we do except for laughing out loud and forgive these guys? Scrolling down to the end to get more fun!

1. “Mom, I think I’ve got trouble. I’ve been stuck with this clothing hook for more than an hour, not long after you leave home.”

2. “This is how we entertain while staying at home alone and waiting for our mom to return home from the supermarket.”

3. “I know that my mom’s boyfriend and I have been involved in trouble. This will drive mom crazy, for sure.”

4. “Mommy, look! This’s the artwork that I’ve made when staying at home alone. Am I a good boy?”

5. “When I’m tasting some dragon fruits, I was caught red-pawed. Did I commit a petty crime?”

6. “I also love putting on some lipstick like you usually do before leaving home. Am I pretty?”

7. “As you locked the door, I find my way to wait for you to return home. I can spot you from a far distance when staying here.”

8. “I supposed that you didn’t need these ugly shoes anymore. You’ve stored these shoes for so long and never put on them.”

9. “Tearing old magazines is also an exciting way to entertain. I just get doubted of its effect.”

10. “I’m the reason mommy can’t have pretty plants.”

11. “I think we’ve committed a petty crime, bro. Mom will get mad immediately when seeing this.”

12. “I just want to put on your hoodie. Do I look cool?”

13. “Literally a tornado hit my living room. My dog had better stay away from me for at least 3 hours until I finished cleaning up this disaster.”

14. “I just do something to make my time less boring. I don’t mean to cause trouble, mom.”

15. “I’m testifying the quality of our pillows. They are not good, mom.”

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