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Lazy Cat Won’t Let Mom Come Home Unless Her Mom Gives Her Some Cuddles

Contrary to the belief that cats are aloof creatures, most are cuddly companions that need your attention and love because they get lonely when you aren’t around. Nothing is better than a purring, cuddly cat sleeping in your lap or snuggling up next to you at night. But sometimes, owning a lap cat can be inconvenient because they always want to cuddle and earn all attention from you.

This sweet cat named Cachetona also like making herself the center of attention. She loves to do it most of time, but that’s not always so convenient for Cachetona’s owner.

Like many lazy cats, Cachetona loves to take a nap while her owner goes out. Her preferred sleeping spot, however, is very special. She naps squarely in the middle of the driveway — creating a furry roadblock that prevents her mom from coming home.

And of course, she won’t let her mom come in without paying her lots of attention or giving her some cuddles. This perfect sleeping spot helps her earn all attention from her mom without lifting a paw.

Here’s video of Cachetona’s owner arriving home, and the hilarious daily routine that happens:

Mi vida todos los días 😂

Posted by Las aventuras de cachetona on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Thankfully, the owner was presumably able to park her car. Although Cachetona might cause some troubles to her owner, it’s not all bad.

Life is composed of ups and downs, and is full of roadblocks that need to be overcome. Learning to get through the downs is key to being successful. None, however, could possibly be quite as cute as a cat like Cachetona.

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