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Koala Licks Rain Water Off Road Moment Melts People’s Heart

Although bushfires are still ravaging across New South Wales and Victory, heavy downpour from a storm has put off parts of the flare. Not only us being thankful for that but also the wildlife.

When Pamela Schramm was on her ride between Croppa Creek and Moree. She halted for catching a lovely sight of a koala roaming on the road.

She thought the creature needed help but soon realized this koala was just thirsty. The critter was licking water puddled while it was raining.

Pamela also reported that the koala didn’t seem to be hurt. He went back to the forest and climbed to higher branches. That’s what a healthy koala is supposed to do. And it’s also a good sign of the wildlife is getting healed.

The woman posted what she captured on Facebook with a message not only to share the heartwarming moment but also to send a message to the community. She said drivers should be careful on the road as anyone can encounter such an event on their way. This is just a small act but really helpful in giving wild inhabitants some sort of support.

Since September, about 30% of the koala population has been wiped off due to the devastating blaze. That puts the creature on the list of the most affected animals.

This is a very inspiring act that’s worth spreading. Your share of this story will help raise awareness across the community.

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