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Kitten Won’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued And Given A Forever Home

Despite having faced countless challenges in the past, Tulip, the 10-month-old tuxedo kitten still greets each day with the sweetest smile.

Tulip was found as a stray cat on the streets of Ontario, Canada when she was about 2 weeks old. She was suffering from an eye infection and desperately needed medical attention. However, she still smiled for the camera when the rescuer took a picture of her to post on their website. And the little kitten never knew that photo could help her find a forever family.

Jenn and Chris were looking for a friend for their cat Pinecone when they saw Tulip’s photo with a sweet smile in an advertisement. “Her smile in her little advertisement picture drew us in right away,” Jenn told The Dodo.

The couple submitted an application for adopting the kitten and were approved. When they went to meet her, they were shocked because the kitten was still smiling even in the shelter. Their connection was instant. “The second we met her in person we fell absolutely in love with both her looks and her personality,” Jenn noted.

“At first we assumed that it was just a one-off in her advertisement, but once we got her home and we began taking countless pictures of her, we realized that it was a permanent thing,” Jenn added. “Her smile is always there and it never gets old.”

When Tulip was introduced to their cat Pinecone, the two had an instant connection. Now that Tulip is healthy and turns into a gorgeous tuxedo girl. To Tulip, every day is a happy day, worth smiling about. Tulip has a non-stop smile on her face and it lights up the room for everyone around her.

“She’s a constant reminder that things always turn around and get better, no matter how difficult they seem in the moment,” Jenn added. “It’s hard to picture our lives without her smile. She has added so much joy to our hearts and our home.”

Watch Tulip’s journey in this cute video:

More info: Instagram

h/t: The Dodo

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