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Kitten Spoils Owner’s Earphone Cable, Returns With A Snake As A Replacement

Kittens can be rather cute but slightly weird sometimes and even mischievous. They love to chew your carpet or do their business on your comfiest sofa. However, what do you do if you find out your mischievous kitten bites your headphones, tearing them in half? I’m sure that it’s not funny. And recently, an owner from Indonesia, Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani got a taste of that.

Haryanto said the kitten was playing with the headphones on his bed when he accidentally bit it into two pieces. Of course, Haryanto wasn’t happy and he was angry “I was really angry to see my earphones destroyed,” he told Bored Panda. Haryanto scolded the kitten and he quickly ran away.

After about an hour, Haryanto’s little friend returned with a small, thin snake and dropped it in front of him as a replacement gift. Haryanto laughed and couldn’t be mad at his kitten anymore. “I was so shocked to see it return with a snake,” he said. “Snakes are very rare in our area.”

Netizens were amused and impressed by the cat and said that it was quite smart and wanted to make amends with the owner. They laughed at the cat’s expression as he wanted to apologize and they asked Haryanto to forgive the kitty. Besides, they also said that the cat might have thought the snake could be a replacement cable for the owner as it was long and thin, just like a cable.

After that incident, Haryanto bought new earphones, but the mischievous cat destroyed it again. However, Haryanto said that he didn’t dare to yell at the cat anymore, lest the kitty brings back another snake to apologize!

Haryanto posted some photos of his cat’s antics in Kami Pecinta Kucing, a Facebook group for cat lovers and the adorable cat has gone viral with over 10k likes and it looks like it’s just the beginning.

h/t: Bored Panda